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A Tribute to Professor Arun K.Sen

                    07-09-1936  to 26-02-2018


                                                                His greatest achievement was his association with academics across the nations. He used to  travel                                                      and love it -  but  his eye sight having been taken away  took his resolve away, but dignity he would                                                     not let go of. He w as a very strong man. Lived life on his own terms to the last day.


                                                    You are our source of inspiration & motivation...We all thank you for your selflessness, understanding & insight.             


We are deeply saddened to announce that  Prof Arun K. Sen, Editor-in-Chief of  ‘Disabilities and Impairments’ has recently passed away on 26th February, 2018. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.


Prof  Sen was born on 7th September 1936 in Kolkatta, India. He obtained his  M.Sc. from Kolkatta and Ph.D  from University of Hull (United Kingdom) and D.S.W from England. He was recipient of several international awards which include: Commonwealth Scholarship, awarded by the British Government; Fulbright-Hays Senior Fellowship awarded by  U.S. Government; Visiting Fellowship awarded by the University of California, Berkeley; Senior Fellowship awarded by the University of Bergen, Norway. He received "Swami Pranavannand Award" for writing the best book of the year in Psychology and Education (1982) and "National Lectureship" awarded by the UGC (1986-87). Prof. Sen was also UGC Visiting Professor at  CAS in Psychology, Utkal University; UGC Visiting Fellow in the Department of Psychology, Sardar Patel University, Bombay University, Garhwal University; Member, UGC Panel in Psychology; Member, National Advisory Commission on Mental Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India; Vice-President, Fulbright Alumni Association, New Delhi.   He  authored  12 books, 2 Monographs, 14 book Chapters and 108 research papers which got published in national and international journals of repute. He supervised 28 students for Ph.D. and 24 students for their M. Phil. theses. He visited  several  universities from india and foreign countries, viz., United Kingdom, United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Bangladesh in connection with doctoral work, Post-doctoral assignments, Visiting Fellow, conference participation, and Visiting Lecturer. His fields of interest include Research Methodology, Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of the Handicapped.

Being such a distinguished psychologist of  high eminence, he also became the President, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Indian Science Congress Association, 88th session, New Delhi. In addition to writing all these research papers and popular material on Psychology, he was the founder member and Editor-in-Chief of  the journal “Disabilities and Impairments” which was started in 1987 with a mission to tackle society’s big challenges related to different perspectives  of disability through research programmes and by engaging with students, alumni and stakeholders alike in more meaningfully relevant and impactful ways. As Editor–in Chief, he outlined  motivation for  new direction while explaining how resources can be used to  force for positive change in the lives of differently able people.



Some kind messages from his family, students, friends & colleagues


With great grief but gratitude at his having touched our lives, we announce that that our beloved father has left for his heavenly abode. Baba personified strength; he resolved to emotionally and financially support his family, always encouraging the pursuit of education. He was also grateful to help those with less-than- fair access to resources. In being a husband, father grandfather, brother or uncle, Baba led with conviction. Boundless love for his grandchildren brought him great joy when they challenged him with bright inquisitiveness. Proudly independent, Baba continued to live life on his own terms right to the end. He left us all with unparallel inspiration. A self made man of humble beginnings, Baba was highly respected, distinguished professor of psychology, earning admiration of students and colleagues internationally. Of immense academic and intellectual capacity, he was known for his exceptional teaching skills; his various research publications and achievements were acknowledged with highest awards and recognitions. He was a very strong person and lived a dignified life on his own terms to the last day.

His death has left a void in his beloved world of academia. While it breaks our hearts, we realise that Baba now rests in a happier place, has  reunited with Ma in heaven May their souls rest in peace !

                    -Sourav and Arnab, also on behalf of Sowmya, Swati, Brihad, Ayesha,Brinda, Anya and Dipali (Tzar,Barron &Boomer)



With deep sense of grief I extend my deep condolences on demise of Prof Arun K. Sen.  As my mentor He hold my hand  - Opened my Mind & showed the path of my professional Journey which culminated to 40 years association. I started my M.A Project under him and completed my Ph.D. thesis under his sterling leadership and professional guidance. A great Teacher and motivational leader, it was his inspiration that inculcated upon me such professional quest and confidence that  enabled me to author book “ Status, Education & Problems of Indian Women” in the year 1986  -  a part of my pre Ph.D course work of Delhi University under his supervision. The book was later (1988)  adjudged as  Standard textbook in Education by National Educational Resource Centre of  Ministry of Human Resource Development.

His greatness was to focus on trending challenges, innovate-ideate and adopt  methodology that address emerging challenges, empower ALL, and to have equal opportunity irrespective of their activity limitation, participation  restriction or impairment and bringing them under the fold of  an inclusive society.  As Editor-in-Chief of the     journal ‘Disabilities and Impairments’ he addressed   psychological, familial and social implications of  disability, aspects of prevention and wellness in disability; and initiated reviews on new interventions, technologies and programs for  reducing disabling conditions or  the functional limitations of the persons with disabilities.

You were articulate, passionate, riveting while being totally warm.   A wonderful human being- heart, soul and intellect beautifully in synch… I will always remember your generosity and humility sir ! May your memory serve always as a blessing for your family, friends and all those who knew you.


-Dr Roopa Vohra , Editor, Disabilities and Impairments,


I am terribly shocked to learn about the sad demise of my beloved professor DR A.K. SEN. He was my teacher in Department Of Psychology, Delhi University. I did my MA (Psy) & PhD (Psy) thesis under his guidance. I had close and intimate contact with him since 1971. I have written several books and papers with him. Even in 2015, I have written two books with him. I have dedicated a number of books to Prof AK Sen and Prof Anima Sen. She was also my professor in MA (Psy). I was very close to their family and I remember very vividly when Rangan(their younger son) was born in 1972. Both the children Dolan and Rangan were very intimate with me. Whenever Prof Sen used to visit Bhubaneshwar, he always used to come to my house .I used to come to Delhi for many official programmes and I always used to go to his house. In Aug 1995, when I came to know about the sad demise of Prof Anima Sen, I rushed to his house in Pritampura. Prof Sen was shattered and heart-broken at that time. In Dec 1995,I came from Bhubaneshwar and stayed for one week in his house and collected huge academic materials and large number of condolence letters to write her biography. This Tribute to Prof Anima Sen was published in the form of a book and Prof Sen wrote my name in the Editorial Board of this book. He also included my name in the Editorial Board of his journal "Disabilities & Impairments". Prof Sen was my guru, my ideal, my main source of inspiration, my family member. We used to exchange greetings on phone very frequently. Both of them came to attend the marriage of my youngest sister in Timarpur, Delhi. Prof Sen sent the invitation of his son Rangan’s Wedding when I was in Bhubaneswar. He also sent greetings and his blessings to my daughter at the time of her wedding in 2012. He used to inquire frequently about the welfare of my family. Prof Sen was an excellent academician, a very popular teacher and above all, he was a very good human being. His grit and humbleness has inspired all of us and it is a great loss to Psychology fraternity. This tribute is about a professor who went above and beyond his call of duty to reach out to thousands of students. His simple acts of kindness and genuine interest in students is really praiseworthy.

The sun causes the lotus to bloom. The moon on its own makes the lily to bloom. The cloud too, without being asked, gives water. Great souls are always taking the initiative to do well to others. We are proud to be guided by your thoughts and philosophy. For us you will always be there, you will always lead and we will always follow. You will always remain our guiding light. Thank you for changing millions of lives with your devotion and dedication.You were a precious gift from God, so much grace, love and patience you possessed. You touched my heart in so many ways, your strength and smile even on dark days made me realize I have an angel beside me. I will forever salute you Sir, because you have been all I ever needed in my life. God gave me the best teacher in the world! You taught me to never give up on my dreams but to persevere no matter how hard the storms may be. I miss you! Today, we remember you with warm thoughts, intense grief, and of course tears.

My wife, Kalpana, and I are indeed greatly saddened by the belated news that Professor Dr. A.K. Sen had passed away on 26 Feb 2018. With the passing of Prof. Sen, Psychology has lost one of its foremost visionary scientists who had the greatest knowledge in breadth and depth. Apart from being a truly eminent scholar, a great educator, a man of vision, scientific integrity, extraordinary leadership and tremendous energy, Prof. Sen had a sensitive and warm approach to people and took a personal and keen interest in his students’ welfare and work. Prof Sen was a voracious reader, a prolific writer and an eloquent speaker. I have the privilege and honour of being his first Ph.D. student. I can still vividly remember the time I spent with him in his home and his office discussing my research work as well as other scientific matters. Prof. Sen’s enormous capacity for synthesis, fertile imagination and great enthusiasm for inquiry is beyond imagination. As a ‘young student’, I was awestruck by his boundless energy but somehow I managed to keep up with him. Both Mrs Anima Sen and Prof. A. K. Sen treated me a part of their family. For this, I am indeed very grateful and I did enjoy the numerous occasions in their home. He indeed had a decisive influence on my life and career. I salute you, Professor. With his passing, my wife and I felt that we have lost a beloved family member. We have maintained close and intimate relations for more than 47 years. Today I am feeling like an orphan. I cannot bear the loss of passing away of my beloved teacher and my mentor. For the last few months, I have been remembering him quite a lot. I sent a few SMS messages which were not delivered and came back. .I urgently need E-Mail ID of dear Dolan and Rangan who are in USA. I PRAY TO THE ALMIGHTY FOR THE DEPARTED SOUL TO REST IN PEACE AND SOLACE. Though professor may have left this world, his legacies and contributions to Psychology will live forever. It is a strong, beautiful and vibrant legacy. And Sir, please do convey our heart-felt greetings and warmest regards to our beloved teacher DR Anima Sen .We very much wish to see you together once again.  As Prof GG Prabhu said in his condolence message,” Arun, adieu my friend. The past tells me that you will now be in peace with Anima. Wherever you are, both of you will be in peace together. Om Shanthi.. Shanthi...Shanthi. Prabhu.”

-Prof (Dr) Sushil K Goel


Prof Sen had been  invited by several universities  in Europe and the USA. As expected for an academic of his stature, this was not surprising. However he maintained a collegial relationship with a few internationally known academics. One of the famous  one was Prof Arthur Jensen. A close personal relationship had developed between Prof Jensen and the Sens. I know of one occasion when Arun & Anima  stayed with Jensen and his wife at their house by the lake in Napa Valley, California. 

The Clarkes ,by the way , had a connection with India. Ann Clarke’s father was a curator of Madras Museum ; I believe he helped establish the museum. May be the India connection was  one of the reasons why both were  fond of Arun &Anima Sen ;their bond of affection remained strong.


Arun  and his wife Anima Sen  arrived in Hull to work with Professors A.D.B. Clarke &Ann Clarke. Both the Clarkes  were by then quite famous in the field of Mental retardation and language disabilities. The Clarkes like the Sen couple were in Psychology at the University of Hull.

Arun had been awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship .It was hard to get one of those –you were not only the best  scholar in Psychology to qualify for the award,  but also in competition with potential aspirants for the scholarship in  any  discipline in Indian universities—from Astronomy  to Zoology. As Arun &Anima were nearing the completion of their Ph.D. I received a letter from them ---Prof Alan Clarke had suggested that  they  seek my advice in regard to their future plans. I was by then at the University of Alberta at the Centre for the Study of Mental Retardation.

Should they stay on and look for jobs in UK or return to India. In any case, Arun was obliged to return and work for 2 years in an Indian academic institution as part of the agreement of Commonwealth scholars. I should know because I was one of the earliest recipients of Commonwealth Scholarship.  I remember advising them to return to India . I think Arun had already applied for a Faculty position at Delhi University.

The rest is history. Both got settled as academics at DU, worked in Psychology Department  as long as they lived. Both made significant contributions to understanding and treatment of cognitive impairment and related disabilities. Arun  expanded his interest beyond mental retardation . However, in those early years mental retardation needed pioneers like  the Sens for promoting    awareness and application of knowledge to the new field.  I had by then helped establish ‘The Indian Journal of Mental  Retardation’ ; Jitendra Mohan of Punjab university was associated with the journal from its beginning. As far as I remember he took over its editorship  soon after I moved to the University of Alberta. 

In retrospect, did I advise them well?  Yes!  Of course it’s not easy to survive in India as an academic, and become effective  in advancing a new field , impairment and disabilities . They did well.  As well , he was often  in demand for  long and short visiting appointments at many universities in India. 

I have had several occasions of meeting  Arun Sen(and Anima) ,knew them  personally ,and  have enjoyed their hospitality. I could converse in Bengali ,and  I and my wife (an Odia & a psychologist)enjoyed  some of the common dishes  in Odisha &Bengal  that they cooked . My last meeting with Arun after Anima had passed away was at a   lecture I gave at DU Psychology. He was there ,listened attentively, and we had a long chat afterwards. He was not in the best of health.



I had the honour of having Sir as one of my esteemed teachers when I enrolled for M.Phil in Delhi University nearly four decades back.During that interim period I had made up my mind that I would pursue my Ph.D under Sir.He was an epitome of qualities that I looked for in my teachers-methodical,sincere and serious and so many more.I remember when I approached him as a guide for my Ph.D he dissuaded me to take up the area of research that I was hell bend upon doing as he felt it was too male dominated and he could foresee the kind of difficulties I would face. But on seeing my stubbornness to stick to that particular area of research he showed me various alternatives and smoothed the edges. Learning was never easy with him as he was a strict disciplinarian. For innumerable queries and seeking answers he made me look up books. Said all solutions could be found in them. For this I will always be beholden to him. It was never the easy way out. This habit of taking help from books I have fervently tried to inculcate in my children too.  Today I am what I am solely because of him-my mentor my guide.

Sir, may your soul rest in peace !

-Dr.Anita Kant, Associate Professor
Department of Applied Psychology
Vivekananda College  (University of Delhi)



I am sorry to learn of sad demise of Prof A K Sen. I pray to Almighty God to grant peace to the departed soul and give strength to his family members, friends and admirers to bear this great loss. He shall always be remembered for making a great contribution to the field of disability development.

-Bhushan Punani, Executive Director ,

Blind Peoples’ Association,Ahmedabad

Very sorry to learn about sad demise of Prof A.K. Sen . He and his wife Anima were    dear friends. Yes it is a big loss. May his contributions in the world of psychology live forever specially in the areas of disability. May his soul rest in peace!

                                                                                                                       -Vidhu. Mohan,    Professor Of Psychology(Retd),

Dept Of Psychology, Punjab University,Chandigarh



Sad to learn about  passing away of Prof A.K. Sen. May God bless the departed soul !

                                                                                                                         -Lt. Col. Dr. V. K. Gautam



Professor A K Sen was my professor of Psychology at the University of Delhi. I have very fond memories of Professor A K Sen and also Professor Anima Sen. Professor Anima Sen stayed in my house in London with her son for a short period of time. I have great memories with them and my prayers are with the family of Professor Sen , if you have his son’s number, kindly email it to me. 

- Dr Diwakar Sukul

Founder/Director, The Kamkus Clinic
117 A Harley Street, London




Very sad to know. I had met many times during my educational career. He was very good in research. He took Viva for my Ph.D thesis. He was a great scholar ,academician and good human being.  May his soul rest in peace !

-Dr. Manoj Bajaj

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh



I treat it as my personal loss. Both Prof Sen n Prof Anima were my personal friends. I am sure God will grant him eternal peace. Amen!

-Prof. CN Daftuar, Pune


Prof. Sen visited our Department at VBS Purvanchal University Jaunpur and he was very generous to us. Since he had a personal touch, we will never forget in our life. His heavenly abode is unrepairable loss to Psychology world. May God rest his soul in peace!

-Prof. Ramjilal Srivastava

Ex. Head, Department of Psychology

VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur



My first meeting with Prof. Arun Sen was in the Centre of Advanced study in Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. Prof. Arun Sen came as a visiting fellow to our department around 1980. At that time our Department was awarded the status of Centre of Advanced Psychology under the excellent leadership of Prof. Radhanath Rath, who was also the founder of the P. G. Department of Psychology in the year 1958.

Around 1980, the new Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology was a vibrant centre with about 60 Teachers, Teacher Fellows, and Research Scholars. There was not so much of physical space for so many people to sit in the Department. When Prof. Sen came as a visiting Fellow, it was difficult to find a room for him to sit. He was very much thankful to colleagues in the Department to care so much for him. He was in the Department for about 4 months and during this period he wrote a book on Mental Retardation, which he mentioned several times later as the contribution of our Department.

During the period of his stay in the Centre he became a good friend to many Teachers of the Department. He was an open and friendly person. He was equally friendly with young teachers like me and the Senior Teachers of the Department. He was very friendly with Prof. Saroj Kumar Misra, who was my M.A., Ph. D and D. Litt. Guide. I was a regular visitor to Prof. Misra’s residence in the University Campus. Whenever, Prof. Sen came to Utkal University, the evening was mostly spent with Prof. Misra. I have also spent lots of time together with Prof. Sen in the residence of Prof. Misra. We had lots of professional discussion together at the residence of Prof. Misra, which was not only useful but also enlightening.

His wife Prof. Anima Sen was also a regular visitor to the Department. Both of them used to visit the Department to conduct Ph. D., M.A. Dissertation and Practical Examinations. I was quite friendly with him and visited him in Delhi University several times. Around 1984, I started thinking about Developing an Institution for Children with Intellectual disability. As he was an Author in the field of Intellectual Disability, I had a lot of discussion with him regarding the minimum requirement to start a Special School. My dream Institute for children with Intellectual Disability was named as Chetana Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, which has grown from strength to strength and presently one of the renowned Institution in the Country. It not only runs Special Schools and Vocational Training Centres for children with Intellectual Disability, but also it runs Teachers Training Centre at the level of D. Ed., B. Ed., and M. Ed. in Special Education (Intellectual Disability). Prof. Sen always made it a point to visit Chetana Institute during his visit to Bhubaneswar.

A sad event is connected with a visit of Prof. Sen to the Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology, Utkal University. When Prof. Sen was in Bhubaneswar, his wife Prof. Anima Sen suffered heart attack and passed away. Though every event in life is pre-destined, Prof. Sen never excused himself for not being with his wife during this crisis.

During my visit to Delhi for different University related work, I used to find time to meet him. He was always very happy to receive me. He was an excellent host for all his friends.After all the good work during his last sojourn on Earth, he has gone to his heavenly abode. Blessed souls like him always come back to Earth again and again to continue good work and help people in need. Finally, I pray God Almighty to let his soul rest in peace.

Dr. Narayan Chandra Pati

Former Professor of Psychology

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 



I am deeply saddened by learning about Prof. A. K. Sen's journey to the other world. He was a well known personality in the field of psychology and shaped many of the most brilliant minds in the field of psychology. He had tremendous influence over many and inspired hundreds of Psychologists in this country. 

I had only one personal interaction with him through email and phone call which I would like to share which is reflective of his simplicity, sincerity and greatness. I wanted to invite him for a series of lectures in my Institute in 2013-14. I sent him an email request. He consented to the same. There was some delay on my part in processing the formalities. After a couple of days, I received a phone call from him that he is to schedule lectures at other places too which are around the same time and he was inclined to set my program on priority. I was overwhelmingly impressed by this gesture. The sad demise of Prof Sen is a huge loss to the profession of psychology in India. Me and my wife Sandhya express our heartfelt condolence for the same and pray the almighty God to shower His strength and blessings on his family and  wish that his mission and vision are carried on by his disciples.

-Dr. Rakesh Jain

                    Senior Clinical Psychologist

                                                                                  Institute of Mental Health & Hospital, Agra.



It's really shocking and hardly to believe that an eminent psychologist PROFESSOR A.K.SEN ( Former Professor and Head , Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi ) is no more  among us. A combination of talent, positive thinking and politeness, he was a great scholar. . I had an opportunity to meet him for the first time in the Summer Institute  (1982) held at Lucknow University.  It was a memorable experience for me. After that I met him several times and our relationship turned into  personal from professional. I learnt so many things from him. He had been the Sectional President  (2000-2001) of the Section of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Indian Science Congress Association. His wife Professor Anima Sen of Delhi University had also been the Sectional President  (1992-93) of the Indian Science Congress Association. I am indebted to her for writing FOREWORD of my  book Tribal Ego-identity in india  ( 1996).The memories of these two legends have become a part of my life. The time spent with them is a treasure for me.

Words fail to express my sorrow caused by the sudden demise of Professor A. K. Sen. The vacuum caused by his departure from the world is difficult to be fulfilled in the field of Psychology.  I express my heartfelt condolence to his family members.  May God give them courage to bear this painful situation. With a very heavy heart I offer my deep tributes to Respected Professor A. K. Sen Sir.  May his soul rest in peace !

Rakesh K. Srivastava, Ph.D. 

E mail: 



I met Dr. A.K. Sen at P.G. Department of Psychology, Gorakhpur University in June 1980 while I was attending a UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Psychology, being organized under the dynamic leadership of Prof. L. B. Tripathy. Prof. Sen was invited from Delhi University to deliver talks on Research Methodology. His teaching was very much interesting. At that time he was also talking about the problems of physically and psychologically impaired children in the society, their training and rehabilitation. To him, the disadvantaged children can become advantaged children and become resilient provided they get opportunity and social support. The society, the community, the parents, the teachers and the civic society at large has a greater role to play for development and upliftment of this group of physically and psychologically challenged children. These types of thoughts were coming up from the mind of Dr. A.K. Sen during 1980s. I had interacted with him in several occasions and have discussed on many issues including the problem of disability and impairments. He is no more but has left behind a lot of memories for many others.


-Prof. Gopal Krishna Nanda

Former Principal

E-mail :



It is sad note that Professor A. K. Sen (Former Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Delhi University) is no more with us. As I learnt, he passed away on February 26th. Professor Sen was a great scholar, academician and researcher. He has obtained his M. Sc. From Kolkata and Ph. D. from Hull. He was a Common Wealth Scholar in Psychology (U. K.), Fulbright-Hayer Senior Visiting Fellow (U.S.A.),National Lecturer, University Grants Commission. Being a distinguished psychologist of such high eminence, he became the President, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Indian Science Congress Association, 88th session, New Delhi. In addition to writing several research papers and popular material on Psychology, he also edited the journal Disabilities and Impairment.

Professor Sen encouraged the young scholars and liked children very much. He visited many Universities and, once upon a time, had close ties with my University (University of Pune) activities. He was also a member of the Indian Association of Behavior, Pune. Due to his death, many psychologists lost their friend.

I wish his family members and relatives gather courage to face this eventuality.

-Professor P. H. Lodhi,


Our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends.



It is certainly a sad news for all of us. Prof. A. K. Sen used to visit Department. Of Psychology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra several times. We have seen his utmost love for the subject and for the students. He was a person who used to treat us with love and affection in abundance. I can’t forget him throughout my life. I am fortunate enough to be in touch with him during his visits at Kurukshetra and afterwards also. He really was a true gentleman, a true scholar n a great teacher. It is certainly a great loss for the Psychology fraternity.  I deeply express my condolences to the family, relatives and to the Psychology fraternity._._


-Dr. Nidhi Verma,Assistant Professor.

Central University of Haryana


It's hard to believe such news!  May his soul rest in peace.  Condolences to the family.


-Yagya Arora

Sad to know about the demise of Professor A. K Sen. I got a chance to meet him only 3 times, when he attended conferences in Mumbai and conducted sessions for teachers during a Refresher Course many years back. It was obvious to us young teachers that he was a very senior, knowledgeable scholar with vast experience. But what really stood out was his simplicity, politeness, humility and gentle demeanour.


During the Refresher Course session, I said something about skewed distributions that I had read, and he said he would like to know more about it!   It felt so good to know that such scholars exist in our field. He enriched our field through his work, and taught so much to so many. May his noble soul rest in peace !


-Dr. Nandini Diwan
Former Head, Dept. of Psychology,
D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai  

Oh so sad to hear of Dr.A. K Sen sir's death. He was my teacher during my masters at DU. My deepest condolences.



I am sad to hear of Prof. A. K. Sen's demise. He was a scholar, and could explain the most difficult Research methodology and Statistical concepts with consummate ease and without a single piece of paper in his hand to direct the lecture. He was also eminently approachable and encouraging. I used to appreciate how he kept track of what was getting published in the psychology community and where, and lauded us younger psychologists for a publication, which kept the motivation levels high..


I had the privilege to work with him on a number of panels and committees, and he never let any of us be overwhelmed by his seniority or vast experience. I met him last several years ago, when he was in Mumbai, and I remember I dropped him off at the home of his friends in Powai, which gave us the opportunity to talk at some leisure. I am grateful now for that opportunity.  I shall miss him.

My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

-Dr. Anuradha  Sovani, Professor and Head

Department of Psychology, SNDT WU, Mumbai.


Loss of Prof Sen is a loss not only  to Delhi University but to the community at large.  May his soul rest in peace !


-purnima khanna


Arun, adieu my friend. The past tells me that you will now be in peace with Anima. Wherever you are, both of you will be in peace together. Om Shanthi........Shanthi......... Shanthihi.  Probhu.

-Prabhu Gaurish



In my academic and professional life if at all I was close to someone it was Professor Sen and earlier to that Prof. Anima Sen, his wife who passed away quite at a young age.  I was close to their family and their two sons Dolon and Rongon.  Both the names are pet names and I don't even know their real names today. Both the sons are in the USA.  Prof. Sen has been quite unwell for some time especially suffered from an eye problem.  I thought he was in the US with his sons.  He had died on February 26th, and I come to know of it through Prof. Lodhi's letter.   I am shocked and saddened by the sad news. If any one could get the contact emails of one of his sons, please pass it on to me. The least I can do is to grieve with them through letter. My heartfelt prayers to the great Lord to rest his soul in peace.


-Prof V. Veeraraghavan, G-15/3 DLF Phase I, DLF City

Gurgaon -122002.


We came across Prof. A. K. Sen as a very peaceful, students-friendly, smiling, mature, methodical, interactive person. The psychology community will ever remember his presence.  May God rest his soul in peace and his family have the courage to bear the loss.


-Dr Kaila, Mumbai 

This is indeed a big loss for the Indian psychologist community. I had the several opportunities to interact with Prof. Sen for short durations. What struck me, apart from his scholarly approach to everything, was his deep appreciation of  even small good deeds, and his encouragement of students. Prof. Manickam, thanks for letting us know about his sad demise, and thanks to all those who wrote in condolences. It would be a good gesture if a message could be sent to his sons on behalf of Indian Psychologists. May God grant peace to the departed soul !

                                                                                                                          - Lilavati Krishnan
                                                                                                                     Email :



It is indeed sad to learn about the loss of a great academician to the fraternity. I extend my heartfelt condolences to members of the family.

-Dr. Kalpana Srivastava, Scientist 'G' 
Defence Research & Development Service

Department of Psychiatry , Armed Forces Medical College, Pune - 411 040



We had the good fortune of being taught by Prof. Sen in our masters at Delhi University. I remember how he made statistics fun and easy. I remember his gentle humor, ability to simplify concepts and engage students!  Deep loss to the field. Prayers for him and his family. 


                       -Dr.Deepika Gupta,


I have had the good fortune of being taught by both Anima Sen Mam and Sir during my MA at Delhi University, way back (1982-84). He was also my dissertation guide.  Extremely polite and humble, a thorough professional, highly learned and knowledgeable, a combination that is rare to find .May his soul rest in peace and may GOD give strength to the family.


-Dr. Deepa Mohan, .Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Applied Psychology
GITAM institute of Management ,GITAM University, Visakhapatnam,  A.P.



It is indeed sad to know about the demise of Prof A K Sen, with whom we were all very well acquainted, both as a person and as a distinguished teacher and researcher in the discipline of psychology.  May his soul rest in peace and may God give the family the strength to bear this loss.


-Rita Agrawal, Director & Professor, FMT,

HCPG College, Varanasi,


We are saddened to hear the demise of Prof. Sen. His grit and humbleness has inspired all of us and it is a great loss to Psychology fraternity.

Prof. Sen had immensely contributed to the curriculum design of BA and MA programs in IGNOU, New Delhi. Prof. V. Veeraraghavan introduced us to Prof. Sen in 2010, when she was Emeritus Professor in IGNOU. Prof. Sen was invited on various occasions to the University and helped us. We will always miss his guidance and support in our endeavours.  Our heartfelt condolences to his family and  friends.

-Suhas Shetgovekar, Monika Misra

Discipline of Psychology, IGNOU


Without  professor Sen we may think a major loss psychology world. Our deep concern shall always be with him but we had lost our virtual guide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Dr. Sheetla Prasad , Head, Dept. Of Psychology,

                                                                                         Ewing Christian College, Allahabad.

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