Volume 34     No. 1   2020


EDITORIAL :  Menta Health  Challenges during COVID 19                                                                 


A Study Of Depression, Anxiety And Quality Of Life In Hearing Impaired And Hearing Population                                                                          

S.K. Mishra  and Pallavi Kulshrestha                                        


Perspective Of Pre-Service Teachers Towards Individuals With Intellectual Disability               

Mayank Sharma and Wasim Ahmad

Clinical Effectiveness Of Combining REBT And Hypnotherapy On Adolescents With Experience Of Childhood Sexual Abuse                                 

Sangeeta Kamath

Science Teachers on Inclusion of Students With Visual  Impairments    (Swvi) In Science Laboratories                                                                   

Bharti Kaushik and Puja Tomar                                                                       


Thematic Analysis Of Narratives of  Conversations Between Professionals & Parents Of Children With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities                 

S. Venkatesan                


  Disability Rehabilitation In Indian Scenario: A Comprehensive Approach                                         

Vijay Prasad Barre, Vikas Sharma and Manoj Kumar


Leakage in the Human Energy Tank – The Devastating Spinal Cord Injury                                         

Saumya Chandra 


Effect Of Visual Schedules On Behaviour Of Autistic Children                                                                      

Namrata Badesra 


BEHIND THE HEADLINES                                                                                                                                               


Volume 34     No. 2    2020


EDITORIAL : Looking after our Menta Health during COVID 19 & Lockdown 


Satisfaction Of Special Teachers In Teaching Children With Disabilities                                                    

Simili P. Chacko and P.S. Sukumaran          


Career prospects for Visually Impaired - A Study On Job Identification And Recruitment Strategies                                                                       

Maj C. Dwarakesh  and  Kavitha Ramu                                                                   


Hardiness And Suicide Ideations In Depressive Adolescents                                                                     

Rupan Dhillon and Nishtha Mehra


Self-Concept Of Children With Special Needs Studying In Inclusive Setting                                        

Nishta Rana


Greediness And Automatic Negative Thoughts Among Adolescents  with Hearing Impairment                                                                                

Archana Satsangi and Varsha Gautam                                                  



Children with Visual Impairment Gather Information from Concept Map                                           

Sheelu Kachhap and Kishor H. Mane


Development of  Assessment Tools in Mathematics  for Students with Intellectual Disability    

A. .Sudha.


Living with Autism and Together                

Minal Joshi  and Srilatha Juvva



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