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The Journal of "Disabilities and Impairments"

Only time reveals what is valuable and enduring. Thirty-seven Years ago, two far sighted academics launched this journal, which was aimed at highlighting the multifarious aspects of disabilities and impairments in India as well as its emerging challenges. Today, disabilities and impairments have become a key focus of public policy and health management. Yet, thirty-six  years ago, it was a topic barely discussed in policy circles. Our journal can proudly say it helped bring about this momentous change in attitudes, policy and implementation. Over the years, the journal has successfully created a professional platform providing functional information and aligning research work with grassroots level implementation of policies geared to redress the conditions of impairments and disabilities. The Journal’s other achievements include publishing over 600 internationally and nationally acclaimed research papers. It is also the only Indian Journal which worked under strategic tie-up with the Indian Armed Forces to promote the task of connecting rehabilitation professionals with those in need as well as those residing in under-served regions of India’s border areas. Integration with the Indian Army acts as force multiplier which harnesses the phenomenal abilities of Indian soldiers. This association strengthens the process of social reforms and helps integrate border people with mainstream India thus fulfilling a vital national security objective.


While underscoring the trending challenges, the journal in in its section “Behind the Headlines” shares accounts of success stories not covered in the news, initiating reporting of success stories of ordinary differently able citizens, paraplegic soldiers who converted adversaries to possibilities, setbacks into opportunities with people participation which strengthens the process of Inclusive Nation Building.

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